The Future in Waterjet
Pumping Technology

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Waterjet Pump Core Technology

Proven & Reliable

The Quantum® Electric Servo Pump represents a groundbreaking innovation, integrating pioneering “direct servo” technology initially developed by NASA for the Space Shuttle Program. This innovative system replaces antiquated hydraulic cylinders with advanced Servo Linear Actuators, characterized by their compactness, efficiency, reliability, and infinite controllability. Today, this type of actuator is widely employed in top-tier machine tools and presses, supplanting outdated and inefficient hydraulic setups.

Real Efficiency Gains

Up to 60% more efficient than standard hydraulic intensifiers

Longest Life Fittings & Tubing

Due to the elimination of ”dead head” pressure spikes

Lowest Cooling Requirement

Up to 75% less cooling water than
standard hydraulic intensifiers

Smallest Carbon Footprint

Up to 50% less than an average hydraulic intensifier and lower


The Future in Waterjet
Pumping Technology

The Techni Waterjet® Quantum® waterjet pump introduces a groundbreaking approach to waterjet cutting. It integrates a servo motor that directly encases a high-load, precision ball screw. Within this setup, the ball screw serves as the direct housing for the ceramic plungers, which reciprocate to generate the pumping action, similar to the mechanism of a hydraulic cylinder in an intensifier waterjet pump.

The precise control offered by the servo motor and the accuracy of the ball screw enable exceptionally precise management of both the output pressure and volume of displaced water, effectively eliminating pressure spikes during deadheading. This unparalleled control empowers operators to program virtually any desired pressure and flow rate, ranging from zero to full capacity, with power exerted solely at the cutting head.

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Real Efficiency Gains Means Real Savings

The graph below illustrates the escalating efficiency gains realized with the Quantum® as the duty cycle decreases.

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electric servo pump

The Quantum® Electric Servo Pump incorporates core “direct servo” technology that was first applied by NASA for the Space Shuttle Program by replacing old-fashioned hydraulic cylinders with new, highly compact, efficient, reliable and infinitely controllable Servo Linear Actuators.

This same style actuator is used today in many high-end machine tools and presses replacing inefficient hydraulic systems. Similarly, Quantum® is the first water jet pump manufacturer to utilize “direct servo” technology in an ultrahigh pressure waterjet pump and has developed patented designs to integrate the core technology into the most efficient, reliable and controllable ultra-high pressure (UHP) waterjet cutting pump.

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Waterjet Pumps 8

Light Series

max output pressure 4100Bar

First-Step Into
Quantum® World

Cut softer materials such as foam, food, and glass without encountering pressure variations, essential for preserving the quality of these materials. Its compact design allows for seamless integration into any workshop.

VP 15/52, 22/60 (KW/PSI)

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Power Series

max output pressure 4550Bar

Quantum® Solution

Effortlessly cut any type of material with smooth, precise edges. Benefit from advanced diagnostics for predictive maintenance, and take advantage of the built-in router for remote support worldwide.

ESP 37/66, 74/66 (KW/PSI)

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Ultimate Series

max output pressure 6000Bar

Quantum® Experience

Cut at maximum speed to meet high production demands with confidence. This pump’s exceptional capabilities allow it to handle heavy workloads without compromising reliability or the lifespan of consumables.

ESP UP 40/6000, ESP UP 80/6000 (KW/BAR)

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Intec™G2 Series

The Most Powerful & Accurate
Waterjet Machines Yet

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